Team Travis
By Assistant Chief Bobby Wells
September 7, 2016

Travis had an amazing surprise waiting for him when we came home. In May of 2016 our family went to the Dream Day Foundation
" Fishin' Galore". Travis wasn't feeling very well and was ready to go home. I was trying to get Travis to participate in all the fun activities but he wasn't interested. Brad Gentile, an executive board member for the foundation, came up and started talking to us and immediately Travis perked up. Not only did he manage to get Travis out of his wagon but encouraged him to have lots of fun too! Brad I will never forget the kindness you showed our sweet boy that day. Thanks to you he had a great time.
Of course it didn't end there.... I'm pretty sure everyone watched the St. Jude kindergarten graduation on the world news. Travis was very proud. In the interview Travis mentioned he wanted to be a firefighter when he grows up! Brad has kept in touch and checked on Travis often. With the help of some of his friends, and the Independence Hose CO No. 1 in Frederick, Maryland he has made this 6 year old a very happy little boy! They sent several surprises for the whole family and we are forever grateful for your kindness and friendship. We look forward to seeing you again soon. I hope one day he truly gets to wear one of these with pride.
Thanks Again Brad you Rock!

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