Winter Storm is Here. Help us Help You
By Assistant Chief Bobby Wells
March 20, 2018

We ask the following safety tips while working in the snow.

- Be mindful of how long you are shoveling in the snow. it is recommended to work in short periods and to not over exert yourself.
- Pace the timing for removing snow from your sideways and driveways. The larger the snow amount gets the heavier and more dangerous it can be to shovel it.
- If you have a fire hydrant near your house, please take the time and make sure it is clear of snow.
- Check on your neighbors who may not be able to help themselves. Make sure they have needed items like food and medication
- Make sure your sidewalks and other walkways are clear of snow and ice in the event emergency services needs to come assist you.
- Make sure you drink plenty of water to maintain hydration
- Stay clear of roads to allow public works to do their job.
- Secure any water pipes that can be exposed to the cold elements to keep them from breaking.